Patanjali Ayurveda is a household brand in India with products ranging from Groceries, Dairy, Snacks, beverages, Sanitation, and whatnot. With its global presence, the brand is set to be a global household name in large markets, like Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Dubai, and even a handful of European economies.

Patanjali is exploring other markets with a promise of a constant growth rate of 130% on revenues on a year-on-year basis. Now is the best time for you to invest in the booming market and establish your customer base and secure a favorable return on the investment.

The main focus of Patanjali has been on delivering herbal products and compared to other FMCG companies, their products are relatively economically priced. The purpose of the company is to bring back the age-old Indian heritage and blend the knowledge of Ayurveda with modern-day technologies to fulfill the modern lifestyle demands in the FMCG segment.

Patanjali has experienced tremendous demands from the domestic and global markets, so much so, that since its establishment in 2006, Patanjali has grown to 47,000 Plus retail counters, 3500 Distributors, Multiple Warehouses in 18 States and Union Territories, and factories all across India.

Patanjali Franchise

As of now, Patanjali Franchise products are available in 3 lakh plus stores across the nation, and well above 5000 franchise stores featuring more than 900 products being manufactured in factories across India.

Patanjali Products are also available on its online official website and several eminent e-commerce stores and have been a choice of crores of households and families.

Targeting the entire band of the market, from low-income households to high-income households, Patanjali aims to overtake Hindustan Unilever one day.